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How can we work together?

You are a coach or consultant at the very beginning of your career.


You are either pre-revenue or have made ~$25,000 annually and want to make more.


You are overwhelmed, confused, afraid, and sometimes immobilized by all that you have to do.


It's all too much and so hard to know what to do first.

I have been there and I know how to move you into action and money making activities that are aligned with your mission and vision. 

Private Coaching

I work with you one on one for 6 months at a time. I understand the importance of community when you are an entrepreneur but I also know that it's very easy to listen to all the voices coming at you and lose yourself in them. You will have access to my private Facebook group which is invite only. You also have access to written or video coaching in between our weekly sessions.

Your investment: $5000 or six monthly payments of $835 (Other payment plans available)

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